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Mailman is a package for managing electronic mailing lists on a server. It is free software, distributed freely under the GNU General Public License. Mailman's chief distinction is its easy-to-use Web interface for list administration. Mailman is written in the Python programming language. It can work with any common Unix mail server software, including Postfix, Sendmail and qmail. The integration with the free mail server software exim (which is used by the Debian GNU/Linux by default) is probably best: using special configuration rules, exim knows which addresses are used by Mailman and automatically forwards all mails which are handled by Mailman to Mailman, without having to set customized aliases for each individual mailing list, as it is custom with most or all other mail servers. User features include the built-in archiving of messages, automatic processing of bounce messages, digest mode, and spam filtering. By default, Mailman sends out a reminder message on the first of the month (local time) to all subscribers (see :