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What support options are available?

The most important form of support takes place by email. If you have questions which are not answered in this FAQ or elsewhere on our site just send us a mail with your question. There is unlimited email support. Email is our preferred communications channel because it prevents pronounciation errors and it enables us to directly recognise user errors. It allows us also to send you documentation, control your identity (for example through PGP electronic signature, etc ...), or provide you with links to additionnal resources.

Here is the unique support email address for all technical requests:

We try to respond as fast as possible, in most cases instantanously. This depends mainly on the request type and if we have to do research before being able to respond. The all2all charter garantees precise response times.

Please always include the username, client name and domain name for which you request support.

In exceptional situtations and very urgent matters you can also contact us by telephone too.