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How do I need to configure my e-mail client program?

You need to set up the incoming and outgoing mail servers:

Incoming mail server is or
Incoming mail server is or
Incoming mail server is depending on which mail server your domain is hosted

Outgoing mail server is your provider's SMTP server.

Then set up the username and the other options, like the choice between POP3 or IMAP protocol.

For more detail, please refer to the all2all manual: Configuration manual for your e-mail software (for the enduser, user level: "beginner")


In very special cases it could be important to you to use our outgoing SMTP server. For instance if you are moving around a lot with your laptop and you don't want to use the webmail. In these cases there is the possibility to give you access to our outgoing SMTP by using SMTP AUTH. Most of the modern e-mail clients support this feature. More details in the Configuration manual.