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How do I get access to the list administration interface?

Once we created the list, the list server will send you the URLs and password. You when have to open in your browser the web address, URL, of your new list. Here you can now configure all the parameters of your list. We suggest to browse through all list options of the management interface and to test you list behavior with a limited number of subscribers prior to your production phase.

In the list administration interface you need to determine also if you like to have your list archives public or private (attention, for internal mailing lists with confidential content, please make sure you have explicitely opted for a private list archive or desactivated archives completly!). For oneway newsletters it is also important to activate moderation and make sure that replies are not send to the list but directly to the poster.

Please also understand our charter concerning e-mail and especially unsollicitated bulk e-mail (spam). List subscribers must agree before being added to the list (no OPT-OUT, only OPT-IN according to European legal rules).