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I have uploaded my site but when I connect to it for the first time I get an error 403 Forbidden in my browser. Where do I have to put my HTML files?

When you connect to your website with your FTP program you will arrive first into a directory in which you can distinguish two default folders: one is called public/ the other cgi-bin/. You have to put your HTML files into the public/ folder.

Also don't forget to put a file called index.html into the public/ folder. In place of being called index.html you may also call this file one of the following names: index.html index.htm index.php index.php3 index.php4 home.html home.htm manual.html index.cgi INDEX.HTML INDEX.html index.HTML

The directory indexing is switched off by default that's the reason for the forbidden error if there is no index in a directory.