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How to set up authentication with Apache?

There are mainly two possibilities to achieve a password protected directory with the Web server:

Solution 1: By using .htaccess files you can create a text file with the passwords and usernames of your authenticated users. The use of the AuthConfig directive is by default disabled and can be activated at simple request. The Webmin module "protected web directories" allows to easily manage the usernames and passwords through a secure environment. This module shows you the different steps to the final operational stage. It also allows to add new users afterwards or to remove users.

Solution 2: By using the mod_auth_mysql module which runs on the server. In this case we need to set up a MySQL-database for you. You then can set up and manage your authenticated users from a MySQL table.

Solution 3 : Using an authentication system you write with a programming language such as PHP, Perl or Python. This solution leaves the authentication to your Web application and no longer directly to the Apache Web server: